Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Back in Session

This last week brought to a close summer vacation for students here in Costa Rica. It was nice to have a little time to get things ready in the tutoring center and re-adjust back to life here. There's been a few rough spots in the last few weeks, but I have been anxious to back into the swing of things, especially at the tutoring center. It has been so fun and refreshing to spend time with my kids there. I really did miss them a lot over vacation, and they have been so excited to be back at the center. It also encouraging to see that many of the things we were working on last year magically sunk in during the break. Roger knows most of his alphabet; Catalina is willing to keep working on challenging math problems; and Alicia finished her first chapter book!

This year we've changed a few things in the schedule. We are doing formal art time once a week, as well as an English class. We left one day open to do home visits or work on building relationships with the teachers at the local schools. Last week we had a meeting with the principal at the Christian School in Los Guido, and she seems very open to working together. We have had several new students come from their school this week, which is exciting. I imagine we will continue to see more new faces in the coming weeks as kids get back into the routine of school. As we keep growing, we'll need more helpers in the center. But one big praise is I now have an assistant during most sessions. Leah, my roommate has committed to being there everyone afternoon, as well as, Jeff and Tracey Dixon who each help out one day when teams aren't here. Please continue to keep the tutoring center and children of Los Guido in your prayers. I feel like there is a lot just beginning to unfold, and I can't wait to see what adventures this year holds.

Yarelyn making her first purchase from the Tiende del Centro de Tutoria. This year we put in place a reward system to help kids to stay motivated to try their best even when it's hard. Kids can earn Centro Pesos by doing different reading activities, passing a level on their math facts, having exceptional behavior, ect. So far everyone is very excited about it!

Luis, working hard on his times tables.

Alicia and Catalina working on bean mosaics during one of the art times.

Jose Alejandro, one of our new students from the Christian School

From Centro de Tutoria

Raquel showing of her artwork and her folder where she keeps all her work and her pesos. The folders will allow us to better share with parents (and hopefully teachers) what the kids have been working on at the Tutoring Center.